Readings and Videos

Readings, by topic (español, inglés)

This page has lecturas accesibles of an intermediate level.  These are for all to enjoy.  If you wish to add a topic, check our blog for how to do so.

In Windows, you can press "Ctrl+F" on many keyboards and open a "find" window.  This will help you to jump to your chosen topic quickly.

Los cómics, comics

Intermediate-level English about American superheroes.  Very digestible reading and culturally helpful.

Los cuentos, short stories

Aesop's fables.  Rewritten by an English teacher for language students

Las motocicletas, motorcycles

Solid writing about what to wear, how to begin.  Good outline format.

El ordenador/la computadora, the computer

This article details a 200-year history of computer technology

La poesía, poetry

Classic poetry is a challenge for lovers of poetry in a second language, as it uses more antiquated words and phrases that will likely cause problems.  We have included here two renowned poets of the early 19th century, and not only for their beautiful words.  These two sets of selections, which are explained is very understandable english, feature poetry that is more comprehensible than some other poets of their time.  It will still be a challenge for many, including us!

El perro, dogs

A simple article that talks about the history of dogs, choosing a dog, and other topics


A series of videos in clear English about surviving in the woods

Las vacaciones, vacations

This is a very, very simple story about a beach vacation.

Videos, by topic (español, inglés)

This page has a list of videos accesibles of an intermediate level.  These are for all to enjoy.  If you wish to add a topic, check our blog for how to do so.

un poco menos básico
más fluído, con ejemplos de programas y pelis
objetos (un cuchillo, una olla, etc.) 

objetos, con un poco de uso y contexto

El karaoke/karaoke

The host explains in clear English how to sing better on karaoke night.

El karate/karate

A video that uses clear English to describe the benefits of martial arts.

La poesía, poetry

This is an Englishman reading a few poems by William Blake, a famous Romantic poet from the early 19th century.  The messages are simpler than other poetry you can find, and quite beautiful.  Even if you don't understand a bit in certain parts, listening to the rhythm of this beautiful English may help you to internalize how English can sound.

Las vacaciones, vacation

This is a simple, simple listening exercise from a company that teaches English.