Examples of popular diners and also diners in popular culture in the USA

The "diner" (se pronuncia "DAY ner" en español) has a long history in American popular culture and in the public imagination.  Here are some photos of famous shows or figures who are in diners as part of their character's persona:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams:

photo credit:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/c32/7973770250

Another example:  https://artisticafineart.com/products/boulevard-of-broken-dreams-1984-nighthawks-by-gottfried-helnwein

Are you a fan of the show "Better Call Saul?"  Important meetings happen in diners on that show:

What about "Jack Reacher" on Amazon?  The diner is almost another character in that show:

In the part of the USA where Gabriel and Greg live, there are two chains of restaurants that we classify as "diners." If you would like to look at their menus, visit the links below:



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Slide to episode 32 below: