Expressions that use the word "cut" in English (episode 35)

We try to make intermediate English more accessible for Spanish-speaking students!

In episode 35 of our podcast, Gabe and Greg discuss differences in use of the words "slice" and "cut." Resulta que hay un montón de modismos en inglés con el concepto de "cut." Los explicamos en este artículo.

Modismos con "cut" - Many have links for you to hear them used in context!

1. A cut above - de calidad más alta que las otras opciones.  

     Now that Messi is going to play MLS soccer in Miami, they will be a cut above everyone else.

2. To make the (final) cut - llevar bastante habilidad, uso, y/o talento para participar en un producto final

     I acted in a famous movie when I was in college, but my scene did not make the final cut.  I could have been famous! 

3. To be cut out for something - tener talento o temperamento para poder hacer algo

     I am not cut out for working in a kindergarten.  I don't like crying or screaming, and I hate snot and boogers (mocos).  I have no patience.  My sister Ellen is more cut out for work like that.

4. To cut me/her/him/you off - interrumpir las palabras o camino de otro

     Phyllis was late to work today, because a truck cut her off at the traffic light and she had to wait.

     I was going to tell you why I am crying, but you cut me off before I could say.

5. To cut through the noise - distinguirse entre otros, destacarse.  Suele tratarse de marketing.

     When Rob hired a clown to work with him at the trade show (la feria comercial), he really cut through the noise.  He signed up more clients than his competition that day.

6. To cut your losses - reducir sus pérdidas

     Although Jan enjoyed working with Mickey, he wasn't selling any product.  She decided to cut her losses and fire him (despedirlo) before the next pay period.

7. to cut the mustard - similar a "cut out for", se suele usar en el negativo.

     Although Leiceister City played well in the first division for two seasons, in the end they could not cut the mustard and had to be relegated to their old division.

8. To cut corners - economizar, hacer recortes

     The "Wing Car" automobile company cut corners on their prototype car and lost the faith of their investors.  The doors were attached to the body of the vehicle with duct tape!

9. to cut the cheese - tirarse un pedo

     On his first date with Angie, Edward cut the cheese while seeing "Creed" in the movie theatre.  They were not together to see Creed II when it came out.

10. to cut and run - cortar y huír

     During the heist (el atraco), the driver Freddie opened the door to his Buick for Lou and his small bag of money.  Gerald wasn't far behind, but was running from three cops (la policía).  Freddie and Lou decided to cut and run.  Some money was better than none.

11.  to cut me out of the will - eliminarme del testamento

     Because of my love for wasting money on comic books and Star Wars toys, my father decided to cut me out of the will.  As the lawyer read the news, I sat in the back, my mouth wide open and tears streaming down my face.  I was so glad that my face was covered by the Darth Vader helmet.

12. to cut it close - terminar muy cerca a la fecha de entrega

     Cindy is cutting it close.  The wedding starts in five minutes and she is not here.  The preacher and the groom look very worried.  Her father looks happy.

13. to cut (me) to the quick - criticarme de una manera severa que no merezco, carecer respeto o crédito para otro

     "I know that I have borrowed clothing from you before without returning it," Ann said to her sister, "but now I have to 'pay' you one shoe as a deposit just to borrow that cute red blouse?  You cut me to the quick!  I'm your family and I don't deserve treatment like that."

14. To cut your teeth on something - empezar a aprender algo complicado por un problema más fácil

Brenda enjoyed working with her Aunt Mathilda, who was a succesful carpenter in Tennessee.  "I want to build cabinets, and stairs, and closets, just like you!" Brenda said to her aunt, one day.  "That is terrific," her aunt responded, "but cut your teeth on something simpler, first.  How about your build me a birdhouse for my garden?"

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