Roller Skating - El Patinaje Sobre Ruedas

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In episode 44, Gabo and Goyo talk about how Gabe likes to roller skate. Roller skating first became popular in the 1840’s but the type of roller skating that Gabo enjoys started in the 1970s. Roller skating can be done outside but Gabo likes to roller skate in a “roller rink,” which is a large building that has an oval-shaped, smooth, flat floor where people roller skate.  Roller rinks play popular music while the roller skaters skate to the music.

Dancing while on roller skates to popular music is often called “shuffle skating,” “jam skating,” or “rhythm skating.” “Jam skating” is a style of dancing on skates that uses gymnastic and athletic dance movements. “Shuffle skating” is a variation of jam skating that focuses on moving to the rhythm of the music. Jam skaters often wear skates with low-cut boots and have larger and softer wheels than those worn by shuffle skaters, which give jam skaters more traction and control. Shuffle skaters sometimes wear skates with high-cut boots and their skates have smaller, harder wheels, which allow the skates to slide on the floor during dance moves.

Here is a video that shows some roller skating with several examples of skaters shuffle skating:

Video credit: Roller King Once - Subscribe to his channel here.

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